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Established in 2012, we are a psychedelic trance record label run and managed by us. At Zero One it's the artists who run the show. We have been slowly assembling ourselves on the front line of the cutting edge, touring and blasting dance floors worldwide, while accumulating a high-end team of psychedelic avengers that spans the four corners of the globe. Our mission is simple, all the best ones are; to use our finely-honed productions skills, and many years of experience, on a never-ending quest for the Blast.

We are a collective, a family, who came together with a common vision of a sublime sonic adventure... With one ear to the ground and the other to the speaker, we draw our experiences from the multitude of festivals and parties around the world and channel it back into our music. The result is a label with a crystal clear vision and singular focus; to stay true to the original values of the Psychedelic Trance scene, while walking the cutting edge of today's future music Our release schedule for the coming year is bursting at the seams so prepare yourselves for the best in neuron-popping, mind-bending, marble-loosing, boom-peaking, dust-kicking, audio gems! And remember... Zero One has more fun.

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