Do you think that you are a festival expert? Take one of our Knowledge quizzes to find out. Let go down memory lane and test your favourite festival knowledge with our visual questions.
 Quiz details. 
5 questions.
(Visual type questions)
1 attempts per day (every 24h) allowed.
(Until the quiz closure)
1 quiz session open for 24h at time.
(Until completion the timer will keep going. Leave then come back and resume the quiz where it was left.)
Full report are displayed.
(Statistics and reports displayed on ending session)
 Are you a party goer? Test your knowledge of the scene. 
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About the quiz.

Our quizzes are composed of 5 questions which are scoring differently from one quiz to another but always make up a total score of 100%. You will need to score a minimum of 80% to pass. Player have only 1 attempts per day (every 24h) and can only have 1 quiz session open at once.
Quiz timer.

Each quiz session can remain open for a maximum of 24h. When the quiz has started you can leave the page and come back to resume where you left it any time while the quiz is still open. Just remember that the timer is still going.

After the countdown ending, the full results with all participant will be displayed. The fastest time with the highest score will win the prize. There is no extra drawn to get a winner. Winning relies only on your knowledge.
Are you a party goer? Test your knowledge of the scene.
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