The first decade of the 21st century draws to an end when the small state of Serbia all of a sudden turns into a sizzling hotspot of the Trance scene. Among the major reasons being Sideform: Drasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic from Belgrade give an exciting new spin to Progressive Trance, breaking truly new grounds in terms of sound. A change many lovers of the genre have been waiting for eagerly, as the considerable international success of their project proves! When listening to Sideform, one of the most prominent features is the sheer quality and acoustic pressure of their productions. For a good reason: Drasko and Milos meet during a professional audio engineer training in 2006. Both being avid about studio technology and Trance music, they start working together. Already their first EPs provide extremely catchy, fresh and kicking tunes. At the latest when the EPs (Kiss Of Fire) and (Muzik) are released in 2010, Sideform enters the upper league and is invited to play at some of the most popular festival and parties all around the world. The debut album (Moving On) gains great feedback in 2011. As turns out, it is named after the creative paradigm of Sideform. The live sets of Drasko and Milos put their audience in a rousing state of tension between Progressive Trance and Psytrance. Fuelled by two creative minds and their different, yet complementary ideas, this is another main feature of Sideform: A sound that is unpredictable, full of stimulating surprises, but at the same time highly consistent and smooth.

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