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Fabrice and Willy come from the French West Indies, but they actually grew up in (romantic) Paris, so now you know where this Frenchy Caribbean kind of style” is coming from, right!

In term of (studies), they have been into the same topics pretty much. Although they come from the same background, Willy was more into architecture design; meanwhile, Fabrice seemed to be more interested in industrial design.

In their early twenties (1994) the brothers started going out to techno parties. They enjoyed them very much, and that is how it all basically started! Techno parties in France were mainly outdoors, as often as possible and at that moment Paris Trance / techno was getting pretty big! A year later the twins decided to leave Paris and give it a go in London, they thought it could be a great personal and human experience, and also the nightlife in London was well known to be one of the best. The first night they arrived in London they ended up at a psychedelic trance party, and were instantly attracted by this unique world! Here and there going out nearly every weekend they made friends and together (as they were sharing the same passion), they decided to run a jewellery Fimo stall at the parties, so that they could use their creative skills. At the same time they decided to go back to study, concentrating on computing and communication, Fabrice focusing on a networks and Willy on computer programming.

They decided they did not want to be part of the audience anymore, what they really wanted was to be part of the (making of), and to give it their personal and original touch and started getting involved in vjing at events. People soon got to know the twins, and their unique visuals at many parties and festivals, sharing in their passion for this artform.

The twins have travelled extensively around the globe to different parties and festivals from America to Asia, discovering new countries, new cities, and new people… their travels develop their imagination and their talent and little by little, learning more and more every day, they mix both of their experiences and put their knowledge together… Giving birth to spectacular visuals graphic 3d designs on big screens.

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