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We believe that always pushing forward, growing and learning is the way how we continue to improve and make Freedom Festival the unforgettable psychedelic experience.

Freedom Festival will allows you for a dance floor spirit like no other psychedelic trance festival. A journey with the right concatenation of tracks will deepen the experience to a point that this spirit gets unbreakable standing out as a very stable meditator. Get yourself together and be prepared for another warm welcome at the Freedom Festival.

A dedicated widest spectrum of sounds than can be included in the Chill Out genre’s musical pot. Appeal to relaxation, contemplation and sharing, as well as different ways of being yourself and dancing. In these frequencies, movements can be less repetitive, free and open, getting ourselves in contact with our feminine side. In different moments of the day, with different rhythms and purposes, the Chill Dome will offer workshops and acoustic concerts, making the bridge between the ancestral tribal sound and the synthesized futurism. The diversity is found in the richness of Nature and here we allow the expansion of consciousness and pleasure of being free. The Chill Dome intends to be a comfortable space, having carpets, pillows and tables around the area, supporting a better quality in the fruition of the landscape, in on the best locations inside the festival. We assure maximum quality of the sound system to feel to the body of the music. At the Chill Dome sunsets are special moments of sound and landscape experience with the perfect view over the lake.

Through Music Concerts, Classes, Talks and Cinema, the Zen Space will awaken your inner power and grant you the ancient knowledge of the Plant Kingdom, its amazing and deep world, the secrets and their language, their healing powers.



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