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Solar Tech Records, is one of today's leading Psychedelic Trance labels specializing in uplifting, high-energy daytime Psytrance. Based out of Hamburg, Germany, practically the center of the electronic music world, Solar Tech embraces the rich local musical history, while pushing a sound of their very own. The Solar Tech roster is diverse, and includes many sub-styles of Progressive and Full-On Psytrance. Solar Tech's release catalog is well known for mature song writing, a fine attention to technical details, and a distinctive psychedelic touch which makes the Solar Tech sound unique. Solar Tech's distinctive sound can be described as a mix of classic Progressive and Full-On Psytrance with intelligent storylines and eclectic musical influences, designed especially for daytime dancefloor grooving. Their unique sound has made waves all over the world - becoming mainstay at the largest and most respected Psychedelic Trance festivals. This includes label head Laugi aka DJ Natron's own events, "Intact Expanda" based out of Hamburg Germany. Combining his many years of experience as a DJ, an event promoter, and now as a label manager, DJ Natron continues to push Solar Tech to new heights and new frontiers. Over the last several years, Solar Tech has added a variety of artists from around the world to its roster. The goal is to combine the best music from both new up-and-coming artists as well as well known veterans of the scene; placing importance on the QUALITY of music first. With an established record of excellence, and a practically limitless source of creative energy pushing the label forward, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to Solar Tech! As fans have come to expect, count on regular releases including: EPs, albums, and compilations from the ever growing Solar Tech roster of artists now and far into the future.

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