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TesseracTstudio organization is compact art movement acting through synergy of very unique individual artist’s self-expression followed by great teamwork and friendship.

Our production efforts could be classified as: melodical progressive trance, progressive tech-trance, progressive house, psychedelic trance, progressive minimal, progressive electro, chill, ambient, brake-beat and lounge. By exploring new sound production tricks and techniques and experimenting with new sound forms and effects we are building knowledge base shared between our members on benefit of all. Our mission is to set new standards and new sub-genres in electronic music genre that will, fore sure, hit the taste of many music lovers all around the globe.

Unlike many artists on scene we have our own mastering facility including all needed equipment, software and the most important: experience and knowledge. Collecting knowledge and ideas through teamwork we are forging clean and wide sound that became our trademark and signature on scene. Beside music production we have our own design artists so the most of our CD covers and EP’s front images are done in our house

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