Camp Toiletries


Music festivals are sometimes wild: you lose yourself to music and forget about the whole world. But there are some things you probably should keep in mind:

Health and hygiene.

Be sure to put together a bag of your toiletries and any medication essentials for your music festival packing list, but only in sensible amounts.

Let’s start with cleaning products:


    • If you plan to make use of the shower facilities you’ll need this. It’s also useful as a makeshift pillow, just wrap your towel around a bundle of clothes.

    • High-traffic porta-potties. Messy street food. Spilled drinks. At least give yourself the impression of cleanliness with antibacterial wipes, which could end up the unsung hero of your music festival checklist. Not the shower you may need, but it'll do for the weekend.

    • This should be required for entry. Circle, star, and highlight “sunscreen” on your list of what to bring to a music festival. Nothing puts a damper on the day like sunburn. Protect yourself with at least 15 SPF. Just make sure it's sealed so you aren't forced to toss it in the trash when going through security.

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