With the an artistic drive to create music encoded into his DNA, the half Brazilian, half Portuguese Fernando Seca has become a revolutionary electronic musician. After learning to play the violin at the age of six, he hungered for something more; and at the age of thirteen he discovered electronic music.

At seventeen years of age, he decided his sound was ready for the global scene. From this point forward he has been performing at the best parties and music festivals all around the world, along side the most respected pioneers of the psychedelic music scene.

His mature style, and "outside of the box" approach to psychedelic trance music production has gathered him a great deal of praise in the scene; being recognized as a prodigy of electronic music by many artists and labels alike. 'Waio' has become synonymous with high quality, professional studio standard, music production; and has collaborated with many of today's leading psychedelic musicians.

Many of his latest releases including his EP 'Symbolika,' and his single 'How To Psytrance' have reached the top of Beatport music sales charts, and continue to do so today with every new release.

Each live set is created using his own unique software called 'WAIO CONTROL,' based on the Reaktor platform, and made exclusively to enhance his live performances; allowing him to craft each show into a unique, intelligent, psychedelic experience!


TrackList :

01. Waio – Symbolic Sound
02. Waio – Music Is My Weapon
03. Techtonic – Gin Tonic (Waio Remix)
04. Waio – Vs. Pixel Vs. Black And White – Deep And Drive
05. Waio Vs. DJ Steph – NN
06. Waio – Lekker (Remake)
07. FTL – U Know The Sound (Waio Remix)
08. Waio Vs. Dynamic – Rock It
09. Waio – How To Psytrance (Live Mix)
10. Waio – Kyma-X
11. Waio – Gotik

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