SynSUN (Synthesized Sunshine) - is an iconic Ukrainian psytrance project famous worldwide. In 15 years of existence SynSUN released 5 albums, 5 E.P.s and more than 30 tracks for the other compilations becoming a global giant of trance music. In SynSUN’s discography can be found remixes and tracks written in collaboration with such renowned projects as Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, Skazi, Yahel, Talamasca, Eskimo, Ticon, Vibe Tribe, Bliss, Wizzy Noise, etc.

SynSUN was founded in 1998 by Andrey Vakhnenko (Andi Vax) and Vitaly Samolyga (Willy). Even at the beginning of the career in 2001 it entered the 10 best psy trance projects (Inpsyde Media label rating, Italy). In 2006 SynSUN received an award for becoming the best CIS psy trance project from Good Food Sun Trance. The crutial moment in SynSUN’s history was a landmark album «We Are The World» which was created in the new line-up:
Andrey Vakhnenko (Andi Vax) and Evgeniy Riabinin (Jackie White).

After the release of the album authors received many offers from famous labels and invitations to perform worldwide. Among the most significant events with SynSUN live performances are Tomorrowland Festival (EDM-largest festival in Europe 180,000, Belgium), Indian Spirit (Germany), Boomerang NYE Festival (South Africa), Life Festival (Ireland), National Liberty Festival (Netherlands), as well as appearances in iconic events in Switzerland, England, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Israel, Hungary, Russia and so on. Since 2010 Evgeniy Riabinin (Jackie White) stands behind the project and Andrey Vakhnenko focused on his own studio and ANDI VAX project development but he always controls all SynSUN tracks high production level while mastering. Since 2011 SynSUN holds is the leader of psytrance TOP rated Showbiza.

TrackList :

Set 2011:

01- Millennium - Kushhh (Psysun Remix)
02- BioTronic Project - Faith (Psysun Remix)
03- Psysun - The Motherfuckin Saga Continues
04- Psysun - O Mundo sem Ninguem (Biomagic Remix)
05- Jaws Underground vs Psysun - Bad Boys
06- Psysun - Take Control
07- Psysun - R-Active
08- Psysun vs Urucubaca - DUB Terror (Crystal Cris Intro)
09- Dreads Control - Mr. Black (Psysun Remix)
10- Psysun vs Urucubaca - DUB Terror (Jaws Underground Remix

Set 2010:

01- A-Team vs. CPU - Born Too High (SynSUN Remix)
02- SynSUN - Disco Bomber
03- SynSUN vs. Twina vs. Elik - Who You Are
04- 40% - Swift (SynSUN Remix)
05- Insomnia - Sequence Select (SynSUN Remix)
06- Infected Mushroom feat. Jonathan Davis (Korn) - Smashing The Opponent (SynSUN Remix - Special Mix Cut)
07- Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (SynSUN Remix - Special Mix Cut)
08- Members Of Mayday - Sonic Empire (SynSUN Remix)
09- Ticon - Models On Cocaine (SynSUN Remix)
10- Deadmau5 - Ghosts' n 'Stuff (SynSUN Remix)
11- The Prodigy - Omen (SynSUN Remix 2010 - Special Mix Cut)
12- NewTone - Love Machine (SynSUN & Mike Kukin Remix)
13- SynSUN - Future People (Sonic Elysium Remix)
14- Astral Projection - Open Society (SynSUN Remix)
15- SynSUN vs. Kamasutrance - The Key (Lamat Remix)
16- Andi Vax - Kazantip (SynSUN Remix)
17- SynSUN - Paranoid (Bliss Remix)

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