The magnificent psychedelic trio, the eternal kids of the psy trance world are no others then - Matan Kadosh,Aviram Saharai and itai spector, they all come from Afula, which is located at the northern part of Israel. As today new generation Psytrance headliners, Sesto Sento already a gold record seller with a 1,000,000 song plays on myspace, are always pushing towards the next level. Collaborating with anyone there is on the top of the psy scene, releasing in any label counts, besides remixing huge acts such as Moby, the Police, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim, Faithless and more.

While touring more than 30 countries around the world hitting huge dances floors. From New years eve with 500,000 people event on Rio de janeiro beach, to Playground, spirit of london and XXXperience prestigious tours all around Brazil not forgetting Mexican Ommix and massive trance's mega raves and the Russian Ultramusic summer event or Japanese Noga record's differ ariake magical nights.

Nowadays Sesto sento's live show Is ready to take you to a new level of mind traveling dancing experience including live vocal, guitar and synthesizer. It's very easy to just do what you're used to do, taking no risk or chances, but as a real musician you are always obligated to yourself and to your fans, to re invent yourself, off course while keeping what makes people love you in the first place“ Says sesto matan. and drops a hint for what the sesto boys are planing for us.

So get yourself and come together and join us for a Sesto Sento inner lightening trip to the brighter side of the universe...

TrackList :

Set 2010-12:
01. Intro
02. Moby – Lift Me Up (Sesto Sento Cover/Remix)
03. Sesto Sento – Sesto Dance (Live Version)
04. Sesto Sento – Funk-A-Delic
05. Sesto Sento – Mysterious Ways
06. Sesto Sento – Music Make U Fell
07. Sesto Sento – Disconnecting
08. Sesto Sento – Sneaky Sneaky
09. Sesto Sento – Dive To Drive
10. Sesto Sento – Follow Me (Remix)
11. Sesto Sento – People (Live Version)
12. Sesto Sento – Joy Of Life
13. Sesto Sento – Cookie Stealer (GMS Remix)
14. Sesto Sento – Pumpkin
15. Sesto Sento – Groove It
16. Sesto Sento – Frozen Dream
17. Sesto Sento – Slow Move

Set 2010-08:

01. Sesto Sento – What Are U Waiting For?
02. Aquatica Vs. Sesto sento Vs. Systemic – No One Can’t Stop Us Now
03. Sesto Sento – Music Make U Feel
04. Aquatica Vs. Dror – World Wide Celebration
05. Apocalypse Vs. Underbeat – Voices From Heaven
06. Ziki Vs. Ira – To The Sky
07. Space Cat Vs. Sesto Sento – Inner Peace
08. Gataka Vs. Sesto Sento – Keeping The Moment
09. Apocalypse Vs. Sesto Sento – Into The Sun
10. Sesto Sento – Sesto Classic
11. Sesto Sento – Mysterious Ways

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