Michele Adamson is heavily involved at the cutting edge of Dance music and has managed to carve out a unique presence both as a performer and producer. One day she might be performing her unique Electro Live show at Pacha while the next she could be recording her distinct and mesmerizing vocals with a variety of top-named producers.

With a unique and inspiring background it’s no surprise to find Michele equally at home writing, performing, DJ-ing or producing. If you can dance to it, you can almost guarantee that Michele will be involved at some stage or other! Michele has performed her ‘PsyVocal’ Trance, Electro and Chill-out live shows in countries in the Far and Middle East, Europe, the US, South America, Russia and Australia.

She has lent her vocal talents to numerous recordings and she can be heard on many compilations and esteemed artist albums, including Shpongle’s Tales Of The Inexpressible & Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland, Alan Parsons’ A Valid Path, Younger Brother’s Flock of Bleeps, and Infected Mushroom’s Converting Vegetarians. She has also collaborated with many other artists including Astrix, Dino Psaras, Art of Trance, GMS, Sub6 and Ronen Dahan.

You can catch Michele touring her solo psy-Vocal trance and chill out live shows to countries in the Far and Middle East, Europe, the US, South America, Russia & Australia. When not warbling Michele delivers wicked Dj sets of Electro, Trance and Eclectic chill (chillectro!!) as well as performing live with Shpongle & The Egg.

TrackList :

Live 2012:

all tracks in collaboration with Michele Adamson

01. RA HE YA -sub6 (juvenile rmx)
02. COPENHAGEN SYNDROME - intersys & ronen dahan
03. YOUR ROOM - interactive
04. FOLLOW THE LINE - psycraft
05. CLOSER TO HEAVEN - astrix (pixel remix)
06. GODS OF ROCK - 1200 mics
07. KITSCHY WOMEN - ultravoice
08. ROCK N ROLL - skazi
09. SWEET DREAMS - gms
10. FREAKSHOW - interactive
11. IN MY FACE - last men standing
12. TOUCH DOWN - gms
13. BLONDIE COVER - perplex (interactive remix)
14. BLUE LEDS - perplex
15. RUBBER HANDS - intersys v ultravoice
16. FIREWALL - dino psaras

Live 2009:

01. Sub6 Vs. Michele Adamsom – Ra He’ya
02. Michele Adamson Vs. Last Men Standing- Mojo Gogo
03. Astrix Vs. Michele Adamsom – Closer To Heaven
04. GMS Feat. Michele Adamson – Sweet Dreams
05. Skazi Feat. Michele Adamson – Rock ‘N Roll
06. UltraVoice Vs. Michele Adamson – Electronic Playground
07. Last Men Standing & Michele Adamson – In My Face
08. Dino Psaras Feat. Michele Adamson – Firewall
09. Michele Adamson Feat. CPU & Dynamic – Blood On The Microphone
10. Michele Adamson Feat. PsyCraft – Follow The Line

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