Eskimo aka Junya is one of the most accomplished electronic music producers in the world. Having released his debut artist album "Can You Pick Me Up" aged 17, Eskimo was almost immediately catapulted amongst the trance elite, add to this his scorching DJ Sets as DJ Junya, that he had been playing worldwide since he was 13, and Eskimo is without a doubt one of the most exciting British artists today.

His unique production skills and ability to put together a class-A belter saw Eskimo's tunes begin to show up in the sets of psy trance DJs across the globe. By the time he performed his first live set 6 months after the album dropped his repertoire had trebled and so had his ability. Landmark remixes, many still unreleased due to copyright wrangles, from this time included some of the scenes biggest players such as Infected Mushroom and Skazi, but it was his unofficial remix of The Prodigy "Voodoo People" that sealed his reputation on the global dance floor. When this struck everyone knew who Eskimo was.

By the summer of 2004 Eskimo dropped his second artist album "Take A Look Out There" a mind-altering collection of tunes let loose on an unsuspecting world including the near legendary "Party Pooper" a track sampling the police shutting down a free party. In November 2005 the release of Balloonatic Part One, a genre busting masterpiece redefined the standard of studio trickery yet retained a firm grip on the dance floor.

Add to this a plethora of top range side projects - Mega Band (with Israel superstars Void) Dynamo (with Israeliens Dynamic), Jumanji with UK psy veteran Dick Trevor, Horizon (with dj Zorflux) among others and a pattern emerges of a sharply focused, fiercely determined & prodigiously talented musician.

With the release of Balloonatic Part Two in September 2006, Eskimo set the seal on his already unassailable position as the most original and one of the most popular artists working in dance music today.

Eskimo is currently at the top of the tree in the psytrance world, enjoying massive worldwide popularity especially with the huge audiences at shows in Brazil where he is currently the no.1 touring artist.

TrackList :

01. Megaband – The Fans
02. Eskimo – He Doesn’t Love U
03. Megaband – MTV
04. Eskimo – I Wanna Rock
05. Eskimo – Megacut
06. Eskimo – Energize
07. Eskimo – Are You Serious?
08. Eskimo – Recycled
09. Eskimo Vs. CPU – Filthy Dog
10. Eskimo – Rock Your Body
11. Eskimo – Residents
12. Renegade – Get Down
13. Eskimo – Is Electro
14. Eskimo – My Kind Of Music (Switch Remix)
15. Eskimo – 5 And a Half Stars

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