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From the deep and mysterious south american jungles comes the ferocious sounds of Diksha! David has been plugged into the electronic music matrix for quite some time now. He is half of the well known project 2012. Diksha is a blasting mix of arcane synths, perplexing noises, and robust basslines. His music is a serious nocturnal powerhouse ready to make any dancefloor explode with roaring power. Be prepared, this is serious nocturnal psytrance... no fluff, no cheese, just sheer power.

TrackList :

Live 2015:


Live 2013:
01: The Ultimate Calling
02: Cosmic Shock
03: Flying Objects
04: (Unreleased) Diksha Vs Tera
05: Fourth Kind
06: Kosmos
07: Klatu Barada Nikto (Diksha Vs Tera Vs Pragmatix)
08: Fractal(Diksha Vs Tera)
09: Into the Forest
10: Face of Perceptiohm
11: Signals
12: Cropsychedelic

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