Listening to Hendrix, Morrison and king crimson since he was born, he started to work with music in the 80..s being the mind behind the pure blood rock 'n' roll band "Primeira Pedra." His first contact with trance was in Amsterdam in 96, where his general concepts where flipped upside down. Returning to the capital of Brazil, Brasilia he started to pratice his first mixes on the vynils he brought back from the old continent. At the same time, he produced, directed and filmed various videos and was nominated five times for best rap music video @ the MTV-Brasil Vídeo Music Awards. By 99 he moves to São Paulo, where he was motivated to play due to the true rush of things, he sweated night and day to play in as many parties as he could get his hands on, until he was noticed by the Klatu crew at that time it was a most authentic temple and was headquaters to trance in São Paulo. At the end of that same year he was invited by Klatu to be their resident dj, after that he started being invited to the major gigs all over the nation. Keeping that buzz during the next year, he produced for the first time the new year..s eve party UNIVERSO PARALELLO in Alto paraiso. At that time, he got in touch with ANTARO, the headlabel of Spirit zone, few months later he was invitded to be part of the crew and became their representative in Brazil. The invitation extended for him to play at one of the oldest and most prestigious parties of the planet, the VooV experience in Germany on it..s 10th edition. Back home, his calender was full of invitations to play all over Brazil, soon becoming a permenant nomad, infusing music and concepts all over Brazil. On the turn over of the 2001/2002 new year, Universo Paralello, started to bring people over from all over the globe at least 20 different nationalities where present. In 2002, he was invited to play at Antaris festival in Germany, where his music took him to many other gigs that summer, such as Shivamoon and various times at the german night club OV silence in Hamburg. Back in Brazil, he put his connections and name towards a first time partnership which later on became the VAGALUME RECORDS label. By the next year activities at Vagalume were at full speed but still gigs were being played all over the country. Still in 2003, he joined Gusatvo Manfroni (Burn in noise) and Dj Zumbi to form the powerhouse act known as THE FIRST STONE, which nowadays is one of the most respected brazilian projects around. Also that year, Universo Paralello moved to bahia, which gave it a new face and later became a worldwide brand name that spearheads the festival moviment around the world. Next year he went on to play at the boom and again at the VooV. In 2005, The first stone released their first album with the same name under the Vagalume records label, which is still a big sucess around the world. The year after with the first stone, they played at fullmoon in Germany & Sonica in Italy. By 2007, swarup played at Fullmoon and Sonica again, but only presenting his impressive dj set. Keeping the rapid rate of things he launched his first compilation for vagalume records called Universo Paralello. This year, he shall be presenting himself at the Glade, Ozora and Boom, also this year the official launch of VAGALUME records digital.

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