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Rinkadink is South African producer Werner van Jaarsveld, A DJ since his mid teens and a veteran of many years of electronic music production. He has been releasing music and performing in clubs and festivals around the world since 2002. He has played in more than 34 countries. The music he makes encompasses a wide variety of styles within the genre an consequently no one style is able to define him.

A strong believer in the worth of psychedelic music and the culture that surrounds it, he uses his performances as an opportunity for the expansion of human consciousness through rhythm and harmony. While he was known in the past for his abstract and somewhat slapstick approach, recently he has redefined himself and his production into a new and uncompromising style of highly-produced, high-energy psychedelia.


Mix 2015:
Rinkadink & Element @ XXXPerience Curitiba Abr2015

Mix 2012:
Slackjoint - Album Preview

01. Avalon and Outsiders
02. Sonic Species - Infinity (Mental Broadcast Remix)
03. Sonic Species - Infinity (Mr Peculiar Remix)
04. Protoculture - Break out
05. LOUD - Motorcycle from Hell
06. Bushman - Unhuman
07. Headroom - Menace to Sobriety (New Mix)
08. Protoculture - Avalon (protoculture Remix)
09. Sonic Species - Dawn till Dusk

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