Parasense is the short name of "Paranoic Sensations" the legendary live act from Moscow formed in the mid 90's by Alexey Kurkin & Victor Zolotorenko (Zolod).
They played their first international gig at the Eclipse Festival in Hungary in 1998 and over the years have received cult status in the Psychedelic trance scene.
Tragically Zolod died on January 4th, 2006.
Today Alex continues to operate Parasense project and make killer music. Alex has recently teamed up with Bom Shanka Music to work on more Parasense tunes and other collaborations with Asimilon, (1/2 of UK duo Psymmetrix) and Illegal Machines. Parasense is still considered as a big influence on most if not all of the Night psytrance music.

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