LOUD are Eitan Reiter and Kobi Toledano.

LOUD have been producing high quality and original Psytrance music for the last 6 years, blending the best of what old school Goa Trance lovers crave with innovating cutting-edge and fresh new sounds.
Our music is made to rock the dancefloor hard with a funky style, while delivering unexpected twists and turns, and always staying musical and psychedelic.

Since the release of our first album, "Some Kind of Creativity", on Drive Records, we have toured the world, performing all over Europe, Russia, Australia, United States, South America, The Far East and Israel.

So far we have released 3 studio albums: "Some kind of creativity" (2006), "Abstract" (2008), "Free from Conceptual Thoughts" (2010); compiled one double CD compilation: "Private Lesson" (2007); and have released singles on many labels including Nano, Hommega, Blue Tunes, Digital Structures, Alchemy, Neurobiotics, Echoes, Noya and Bionics among others.

We have remixed acts like Sub6, Psysex, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Man With No Name, Zen Mechanics, Xerox & Illumination, Symphonix, Quantize, BLT and others; And have been remixed by acts like Perfect Stranger, Liquid Soul, Prometheus, Ace Ventura, Zen Mechanics, Koxbox, Psysex, Captain Hook, Rinkadink, Earthling, Avalon, Laughing Buddha, Broken Toy, Bliss, X-Noize and more; We have also collaborated with Shulman, Ace Ventura, Bizzare Contact and others.

A remix album is expected soon on Nano Records, and we are working on our fourth studio album that will be more diverse and won't center just around one type of electronic music.

TrackList :

This set contain a little LOUD music and some of the tracks that inspired us over the years and are why we do what we do.
Some of you might not be familiar with this music and we recommend you check it out and the artists who made it - because good music never dies!

01. Cosma - Land of Freedom
02. Son Kite - On Air
03. LOUD - Shores of Titan
04. Union Jack - 2 Full Moons and a Trout
05. X-Dream - Radio
06. Beast - Trouble
07. Prometheus - Arcadia Magic
08. Infected Mushroom - Doremifas
09. Psysex - On a Mission
10. Psysex - Survival Kit
11. Sub 6 - On the Ground
12. LOUD - Loose Senses

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