Celli is an Ibiza native who has been partying and producing in the Psychedelic trance scene since its beginnings in the early 90's.

From his roots as an underground party organiser in Ibiza he soon started producing music releasing his first track "Just Say Yes" on T.I.P. Records in 1999, followed by his debut album entitled "Patterns" on Acidance Records in 2001

Now, after having released an astounding 100 tracks, and 6 albums under various pseudonyms such as : Soundaholix (with GMS) , Third Ear Audio ( with Nick Doof), Vatos Locos and Everblast (with Chromatone), Celli rocks dancefloors, bringing his unique psychedelic sound to the far reaches of the planet... His Earthling LIVE shows showcase his best music and always unreleased cutting edge tracks as well

He is also an exceptional DJ - doing extended DJ sets at many of the big Psychedelic festivals

He also manages and heads up the Zero1 Music record label family. Zero 1 Music has amongst others artists: GMS, Tron, Chromatone, Soundaholix, Everblast, Wrecked Machines, KIM, DJ Mack, DJ Moon, Virtual Light

TrackList :

Mix 2014-09 : Ozora Closing Set 2014

01.Talpa - Letter From Vienna
02.Legohead - LFO
03.Legohead - LFO (GMS Remix)
04.Sybarite - Infinite Vibe
05.Lucas - Now and Zen
06.Hujaboy - Ancient Memories (unreleased)
07.Logic Bomb - Neighbour of the Beast
08.Logic Bomb - The Grid
09.Xpiral - Cosmic Music
10.Virtual Light vs Wizack Twizack - Crystal Castles
11.Shayman - Room 3007
12.LOUD - Motorcycle from Hell
13.Shayman - Stranger
14.Hallucinogen & Lucas - Pipeworm (LOUD Remix)
15.Hallucinogen - Mi-Loony-Um!
16.Sonic Species - Freak (Hujaboy Remix)
17.A Team - Hadrush
18.Sinerider & Aeon - Light in the Dark
19.Burn in Noise - Guardians of the Sky
20.Burn in Noise - Beyond Known Space
21.Kali & Outsiders - Time Machine
22.Rinkadink - Techmology (Neuroplasm Remix)
23.Black And White - Retro Active
24.Chromatone vs Beyond - Bounce Buda
25.Chromatone - Space Star Ordering (Audio Unit Remix)
26.Chromatone vs Virtual Light - Psypress Pill

Mix 2014-06:


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