With a deep background in the technoscene they started playing around on their computer in 1995 and this step brought them along many paths they hadnt dreamed of. The experience aquired along the way has switched the scene from the amateur thing of the beginning to the standard of today; an acclaimed production with an exquisite feeling for sounds and percussion.

The project Ticon was started in 1999 as a natural progression towards something new and they soon got the attention deserved. Their unique style walks the thin line between progressive house and trance with crossover excursions on both sides. This gives their music a variation from the floorfilling to the hipswinging funky but they all emit the Ticon sound and the message to be happy and to be loosin it to the music.

TrackList :

Set 2009:

01. Ticon – Poem For Granny
02. Ticon – Kids Of The 80’s
03. Ticon – Six Years After
04. Ticon – Waiting For The Knights
05. Ticon – Rip It Up
06. Ticon – Snooze Da Booze
07. Ticon – Chicken Shaker
08. Ticon – Some Simpler Sounds
09. Ticon – In The Dirt
10. Ticon – The Analogue H
11. Ticon – U Make Me Wanna Drink More
12. Sub6 Feat. Michele Adamson – 7th Son (Ticon Remix)
13. X-Noize – Let Yourself Go (Ticon Remix)
14. Ticon – In The Box
15. Ticon – Models On Cocaine
16. Ticon – We’re Shining
17. Ticon – 1987
18. Ticon – 2 AM
19. Ticon – Zebra Beat

Live 2006 :


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