Perfect Stranger is Yuli Fershtat, born 1970 also well known under the guise of BLT. He is a musician and a graduate in Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy.

The project "Perfect Stranger" presents a progressive dance music approach, with a comfortable pace, keeping it highly psychedelic, techy, atmospheric and challenging. Perfect Stranger's fat and deep sound is designed to fit outside venues as much as to kick ass in a club surroundings. Yuli's Live sets as his DJ sets are of a very high hypnotic value, and if you caught @ the beginning, there is a big chance you won't leave the dance floor till it has finished… so keep that bladder empty beforehand!!!

The story of Iboga Records began in the middle of the nineties when an organisation called “Rotundum” arranged several events in the period between 1994-97 in the greater area of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dj's Amon, Banel, and Emok were 3 of the 25 involved in the group, and after years of event organising & performing, the idea of a Copenhagen record label, a platform for a new progressive electronic sound was begining to take shape.

A studio was started, and in 1998 the first C.D. compilation (Tabernanthe) was released. It consisted mainly of the newest and freshest Scandinavian sounds of that time, and it was in these early days that the artists Beat Bizarre, Phony Orphants, Oryx, Reefer Decree, and Lurifax, made their first groundbreaking releases and started to build a very strong reputation on the Iboga label.

Today the Iboga artist roster includes names such as Behind Blue Eyes, Phony Orphants, Antix, FREq, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, Sun Control Species, Flowjob, Ace Ventura, Beat Bizarre, and Reefer Decree.

Furthermore Iboga records have two sub labels, “Sofa Beats” (downbeat and chill-out / ambient) & “Prestige Music” for progressive electro / house.
Since the early days Banel & Emok have been working hard on establishing the label on a global level. It is one of the leading in its genre and they assure that the label will keep delivering those beautiful & amazing sounds that have become the trademark of Iboga Records.

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