Trinity is an Australian DJ, live act and producer who has established herself as one of the country’s preeminent proponents of house and techno since entering the club fray over a decade ago. As a DJ, Trinity has forged a reputation as a perfectionist, playing all across Australia, in addition to DJ sets in Europe at Harry Klein in Munich, and Berlin clubs Tresor and Kosmonaut.

Renowned for her support of local artists at her Sydney-based Loosekaboose event for over 8 years, Trinity was inspired by the many live acts she booked to refine her live show, in which she utilises a combination of digital and analogue equipment. Highlights of Trinity’s live sets include support slots of luminaries Luke Slater and James Holden at the Aberbrombie Hotel in Sydney, and her performance at Studio R in Berlin. Trinity has also been instrumental in bringing many of the foremost figures in the international techno milieu to Australia through the 4our events, which have carved a niche in Sydney’s underground scene by showcasing the likes of Steffi, Luke Hess, Eli Verviene and Eric Cloutier.

In addition to her exploits DJing, performing live and running parties, Trinity also collaborates with fellow producer John Tzineris under the moniker Trinity & Beyond. Since working together, Trinity & Beyond’s global stocks have continued to rise, with the duo releasing 7 EPs on various different labels including Manual Music and BEEF records. The duo’s productions have attracted the attention of some international heavyweights, including dub techno producer XDB, who recently reworked their track ‘Reign’. This followed the release of the pair’s remix of German duo Klartraum alongside reworks from the likes of Vince Watson and Ian Pooley on Klartraum’s Secret Moon Remixed album and Alexkid’s remix of Trinity & Beyond’s cut ‘This Dream’ on Sasse’s Moodmusic ‎label in 2012.

These releases form the backstory to Blinded by 1000 Points of Light, Trinity and Beyond’s debut album which was released in March 2014. Recorded live, Blinded by 1000 Points of Light comprises nine tracks of atmospheric melodies and deep chords that traverse techno, progressive and minimal influences in the same manner that has seen their productions endorsed by Sasha. The album is a harbinger for Trinity’s debut solo releases, which are set to drop later in 2014, rounding off a busy year for one of the hardest working producers in the Australian club realm.

TrackList :

Mix 2012:

01. Acapellan (Donato Dozzy Remix) - Joel Alter, Henik Jonsson [Kontra Musik]
02. Crystal Maze - Crystal Maze [aDepth audio]
03. Pyramid - Nicolas Villebrun, Jacques Bon [Aim]
04. Belvedere (2 Armadillos Remix) - Kiki, Sasse [Moodmusic]
05. DA4434 - Jakob Altmann [Instabil]
06. Recago - XDB [Dolly]
07. Emphasis Emphasis (Marko Furstenberg Rmx) - Kleinschmager Audio [Rrygular]
08. Black Bloc (Markus Suckut Construct) - Raffaele Attanasio [Non Series]
09. This Dream (Alexkid Remix) - Trinity & Beyond [Moodmusic Records]
10. Wires - Delano Smith [Sushitech]
11. Our Live With The Wave - Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search [Smallville Records]
12. Deep Red Guitar (Brendon Moeller Remix) - Gabriel Le Mar [Schallbox Records]
13. Sunburn - Paul Hazendonk [Manual Music]
14. #four - Daniel Stefanik [Kann Records]
15. Riyadh (Deadbeat Remix) - Deepchild [Thoughtless Music]
16. Rhythm No. 1 - Basic Soul Unit [New Kanada]
17. Time Line (XDB Reconstructed Remix) - Makam [Sushitech (Purple)]
18. Argumentative - Bearweasel [Argumento Music Group]
19. Acidic Sun - Benjamin Brunn [Third Ear Recordings]
20. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - Benjamin Brunn [Third Ear Recordings]

Mix 2011:

00. Intro - Wrong (Deep Dish Remix) - Everything but the Girl [Atlantic]
01. Softpark (Move D Remix) - Thomas Fehlmann [Kompakt]
02. Innerplace (John Daly Remix) - Nhar [Perspectiv Records]
03. Saved (John Daly Remix) - Harold Heath [Brown Eyed Boyz Records]
04. The Traveler - Rene Breitbarth [Deep Data]
05. En Livfull Skildring (Move D Remix) - Joel Alter, Henrick Jonsson [Kontra Musik]
06. Time Line (XDB Reconstructed Remix) - Makam [Sushitech (Purple)]
07. Batiff - XDB [Harbour City Sorrow]
08. Let Your Body, Make your Body (Conforce Remix) - Jared Wilson [Dolly]
09. Flying Through the Fog - Basic Soul Unit [Dolly]
10. Technical Love - Tyrez [Dolly]
11. Lilo - Steffi [Ostgut Ton]
12. Soulspeak - Basic Soul Unit [Dolly]

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