My name is Jannick Andersen, and I am a 29 year old DJ from Denmark, also known under the alias DJ pr0fane and producing under the name Multiphase.

I have been a DJ since 2002, and an Iboga Records label DJ since 2007, but electronic music already caught my interest back in the 80's, and I fell in love with psychedelic trance in 1997. I am a very dedicated and passionate at what I do, and I consider DJ'ing both an art form and a serious technical craft. That is why I try to constantly test my boundaries and always try to explore new sounds, without of course loosing the feel for the nostalgic and emotional - good music never gets out of style.

As a DJ for Iboga Records, my musical repertoire of course includes the latest and freshest progressive psychedelic trance, but I also have a love for more house and techno-influenced sounds: from emotional and trance-influenced melodic progressive to phat, pounding techno as well as deep, hypnotic minimal, techno and tech house. At the right time and setting, I also like to play full on morning and daytime sounds, and I also very much enjoy chillout and downbeat-sets, as I see them as both very challenging and independent of the boundaries of the dancefloor.

I take an honour in never limiting myself to one particular sub-sub-sub-genre of music: to me, a good DJ-set should not only be about playing 20 similar-sounding dancefloor "killers" in a row between two liveacts - it should be a journey: evolving, progressing and influencing the listener and moving through different emotions and soundscapes, dependant on the setting, time and crowd. That is my main motivation to keep on playing - to be a part of those magic moments on the dancefloor where you just go with the music, and let it lead the way.

Over the years I have played at some of the best clubs and venues all over Denmark, plus in countries like England, Turkey and Germany. This for instance includes these festivals:

• Fusion Festival (Germany, 2008 and 2011)
• Antaris Festival (Germany, 2011)
• Full Moon Festival (Germany, 2008)
• Soulclipse Total Solar Eclipse Festival (Turkey, 2006)
• Liquid Time Festival (Germany, 2008)
• Copenhagen Electronic Carnival (Denmark, 2008)
• :in:deep:an:dance: Festival (Germany, 2006)
• Naked Festival (Germany, 2006)
• Middle Earth Festival (Denmark, 2005 & 2007)
• Fragmental Festival (Denmark, 2008)
• Scandinavian Electronic Music Festival (Denmark, 2004)

Apart from DJ'ing, I have also written many articles and reviews for different offline and online-media on the scene, such as, Trancers Guide To The Galaxy and Magazine.

In 2007 I joined the Danish label Iboga Records as an official label DJ. As you probably know, Iboga Records is one of the leading forces in the progressive psychedelic scene over the last decade, with over 90 releases, including albums by artists like FREq, Ace Ventura, Antix, Liquid Soul, Beat Bizarre, Reefer Decree, Perfect Stranger, Quantize, Phony Orphants and many more.

TrackList :

Mix 2012:

01. Max Cooper - Autumn Haze (Ripperton's "Frostbite" Remix) // Traum
02. Philip Bader - Miles High // Highgrade Records
03. Underset - Berlin // Hope Recordings
04. Robert Babicz - What A Day // Babiczstyle
05. Oxia - Harmonie // InFine
06. Nico Lahs - My Side (Daniel Dexter Remix) // Poker Flat Recordings
07. Maceo Plex - Frisky // Crosstown Rebels
08. Martin Roth - Beautiful Life // Anjunadeep
09. Tim Andresen - A Day At The Terrace (Dave Nash Remix) // What Happens
10. Dave Seaman & Guy Mantzur - K9 (Solee Remix) // Sudbeat Music
11. Solee - Platinum (Gabriel Ananda Remix) // Parquet Recordings
12. Guy Mantzur - Rubber Man // Flow Vinyl
13. Microtrauma - Juno // Microtonal Records
14. Max Cooper - Epoch // Herzblut Recordings
15. Microtrauma - Monody // Microtonal Records
16. SQL - Extended Sundays // Gem Records
17. Guy J - High // Sudbeat Music
18. Boris Brejcha - Picolomini // Harthouse
19. Kasey Taylor - Out With The Old (Kassey Voorn's Vintage Interpretation) // Vapour Recordings

Mix 2010:

01. Technasia - Music To Watch The City Lights Late At Night // Technasia
02. Oxia - Less Time // EQ
03. Martin Dawson & Andre Crom - Gonna Be Alright // Off
04. Robert Babicz - Chordy (Maetrik Remix) // Systematic
05. Tigerskin - Overybody Likes Ollie // Laka-Tosh
06. Pascal Vert - Ex & Hopp (Norman Zube Remix) // Giant Wheel
07. Joel Mull - High Coast Highway // Jericho
08. Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Hypnotica Remix) // Tronic
09. Fergie - Slazenger (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) // Excentrik Muzik
10. Filthy Rich - Phonosax // Leaders Of The New School
11. Solee - Ice // Renaissance
12. Edit Select - Beneath (Mark Broom Remix) // Edit Select
13. Alan Fitzpatrick - Straw Hats (Dustin Zahn's Flight 6240 Remix) // 8 Sided Dice
14. Marc Marzenit - Neo Galaxy // Bedrock
15. Fergie - Exit People (Umek's 1605 Remix) // 1605
16. Spektre - Flux Arterna (Extended Mix) // Respekt Recordings

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