OOOD (aka Out Of Our Depth) will be a familiar name to both those with long memories, and to relative newcomers to trance. Formed in the UK in 1994 and with 4 members since 2001 (Colin, Steve, Rama, Ryokan), they've been around for as long as there's been psytrance and have worked with many of the names and labels from the scene's long history, as well as producing some of Goa Trance's classic tracks on labels like Flying Rhino, Phantasm and Matsuri. A few quiet years in the early 2000s saw them retreat to the Stooodio after their first two albums were caught up in the bankruptcy of two different distributors but they never gave up, and their eclectic third album 'Free Range' (Organic, 2006) was regarded by many reviewers as one of the very best psytrance releases that year. Two years later they released 'Fourthought' (Phar Psyde, 2008), an 80-minute psychedelic journey through downtempo, breaks, electro, blues and a varied selection of psytrance; again the album attracted '11/10 A+' reviews and saw them consolidate their place as one of the few acts from the birth of the scene who are still actively contributing. Recent releases have seen them reach high positions in various download charts, with their Oddball EP (Broken Robot, 2010) reaching #1 on Trackitdown and #13 on Beatport. Their fifth album is currently nearing completion.

As well as the originality, sense of fun and excellent production they bring to their releases, OOOD have been praised for their live sets since their London debut in 1995. Now, with four people in the band they are unique for the way they use live instruments (guitar, drums, keyboards, percussion) as an integral part of their live set, and have gained a reputation for both the power and quality of their live sound, and the vibrancy of their performances. Events such as Boom (Portugal), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Fusion (Germany), Glade (UK) and Vortex (South Africa), and many others in Japan, Russia and across Europe and elsewhere are seeing how OOOD and their side-projects create a unique energy and connection with the audience. OOOD live is different every time but these guys know what they're doing and they put on a hell of a show.

OOOD have been surfing the wave of their creativity for over 15 years now and have been described as having "matured and improved with time, in the manner of a fine wine" (Axis Mundi). Their mission has always been to have a good time, spread a little joy and write the best tunes they can; if you've heard them or seen them recently you'll know just how well they are succeeding.

TrackList :

Mix 2012:

Rama OOOD - Some ska n swing techy beats

01. Ken Boothe – You’re no good (ElDoko mix)
02. Stereo Express – Bootaleeza
03. Aka Aka & Thalstroem _ What matters
04. James Copeland – Fistful of dollars
05. Parov Stellar – Jmmy’s gang ( Enzo Siffredi remix)
06. Tape Five - Bad boy Good man –(Kotch remix)
07. The Maytals – 54-46 number ( Wolfgang Lohr)
08. The Skatalites –Silver Dollar (elDoko Mix)
09. Smokey Bandits – Cape July
10. Wochenend & Sonnenschein (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
11. Skeewiff – Maple leaf rag
12. Replayed – Upgraded
13. Rico Bernasconi + Vaya Con Dios – Nah Neh Nah

Mix 2011:

Steve OOOD - Bobber Job Breaks - Tracklist

01. Geon - Perpetual Motion (Columbo remix)
02. Far Too Loud - Rock That Beat
03. Hijack - Bring the Panic (Elite Force remix - edit)
04. Hedflux - Integrator
05. Hedflux - Energy Vibe
06. Neurodriver - Snake Charmer (LuQas remix)
07. Wardian - New Chip
08. Winterface - Funky
09. Columbo - Summit (edit)
10. Unconscious Mind & Peak - 5D Hologram
11. Audrey Mute - Bora Bora (Beatman and Ludmilla remix)
12. Sharaz - Through You (edit)
13. Quadrat Beat - Make You Dance (Kid Digital remix - edit)
14. Hedflux - Reptoid
15. Lunar Shift - Attero (Eddie Voyager remix)
16. Feuerhake - Under Pressure (Blazer remix)

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