Label bio:

NUTEK RECORDS is one of the most acclaimed labels in the trance scene today. It is a global power factory of music, pleasing our audience with a superb list of releases which are always at the avaunt-guard of the scene. After a memorable start-up compilation in July 2006 (nucd001-V.A.-Skydivers-Compiled by Cpu) featuring artists of great reputation, Samy (cpu) joined forces with artists Roy (Painkiller), Nicolas (Mekkanikka) and Amit Rahamim (Dj Amito) in a label partnership.
Since then Nutek has been responsible for releasing a massive array of unforgettable Albums, Compilations and Ep`s which have been played non-stop on dance-floors worldwide.

The Main Genre for Nutek is Trance, Fullon Trance, Psy Trance,
High Tek Trance, Morning Trance...
and lately also releasing different genres such as Electro House,
Dub & Chill out.
In the near Future Nutek will extend their activities in other territories around the world in order to build and support the new generation of musicians, talents and Dj`s in the Nutek way.
for news and updates Stay tuned on the NUTEK channel.

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