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In the year 2000, a tribe based in the central plains of Brazil and highly stimulated by the psychedelic beats of trance and all the renewing message and culture brought along with the style reached a year’s end without much stamina to travel to Trancoso, in the southern shores of Bahia, where for some years there had been psychedelic underground parties and especially the New Year’s party, which opened the summer party season.

Since we could not travel to Trancoso, we decided to make a little New Year’s Festival in Alto Paraíso, in the state of Goias. We did this simply not to let the date go by unnoticed and not to be too sad here in the central plains ... We could never imagine that this story would stretch as far as it has.

Universo Paralello 1 – 2000/2001 – Água Fria Farm (Alto Paraíso – GO) A party among DJs and friends from Brasília and Goiânia that grew bigger when friends from São Paulo (Mack, Tati, Joe and others) got hyped up with the idea and brought along a big crowd from there, turning that small, pleasant 3-day festival into the first Universo Paralello.

Universo Paralello 2 – 2001/2002 – Veredas Farm (Alto Paraíso – GO) A hallucinating five-day festival carried out under six days of relentless rain. A true epic in which all the infra-structure worked perfectly throughout the entire festival. An unforgettable New Year’s night.

Universo Paralello 3 – 2002/2003 – São João Farm (Teresina de Goiás – GO) After a number of threats and denied requests from local authorities, we decided to move the festival from Alto Paraíso in the last moments and take it to the county of Teresina de Goiás to avoid the pressure from groups that were against the Festival in Alto Paraíso. These problems, added to atmospheric adversities, led to a series of mishaps in the infra-structure. Despite the problems, the six-day festival was a turning point in the life of many trancers. The trademark of this festival was the high intensity of happenings. It was the last edition of the UP Festival in the central plains of Brazil.

Universo Paralello 4 – 2003/2004 – Pratigi Beach (Ituberá – BA) Traumatized by the mishaps of the previous festival, we decided to transfer the Festival to the beach. A series of magical happenings led us to the unknown Pratigi beach, unexplainably hidden for many years from tourist routes in the paradisiacal southern shore of Bahia. We were welcomed by very specials hosts, Dr. Érico Leite and Ângela Cardoso, owners of the land where the festival is held. Soon the people of the county realized how positive the festival would be and turned their initial suspicion into a deep sense of support and participation.

The event was marked by the magic and impact of a six-day party on the beach, without any incidents. This became one of the most memorable moments in the history of Brazilian festivals.

Universo Paralello 5 – 2004/2005 – Pratigi Beach (Ituberá – BA) For the first time in the history of the Festival, it is held in the same place twice. With massive support and participation of the local population and authorities, with the added experience from the previous year in relation to all the peculiarities of the place, it was possible to successfully expand the infra-structure of the event and, consequently, welcome a record public in the history of Brazilian festivals. In its fifth-edition, this seven-day festival was marked by the start of the Circulou project and the presence of many foreigners. The festival consolidates the support received by the local people.

Universo Paralello 6 – 2005/2006 - Pratigi Beach (Ituberá – BA) 2005 was specially traumatizing for the Brazilian scene. This was the year when pystrance became pop in Brazil, bringing on a number of consequences for parties and festivals that popped up all throughout the country. Low-quality events, displayed, in a distorted way and in broad daylight, rituals that should be treated more discreetly and privately. This caused a backlash by conservative segments of society, stimulated by their prejudice against parties that were held in inadequate places, without any criteria or concept; parties that were made only for commercial purposes. Police repression became routine and hit the headlines.

The sixth edition of the Festival was held within this context of doubt and apprehension. For everyone’s surprise, the festival was an example of respect for citizenship (a key word in the festival) and civil liberties. In utmost harmony, the Festival helped our tribe lift our heads high and reaffirm our sacred right to celebration in peace and order. Seven days of peace, love, union and respect. The Festival was also marked by a series of social acts held before, during and after the Festival with the poor community of Ituberá. The presence of a large number of foreigners consolidated the Festival’s international character.

Universo Paralello 7 – 2006/2007 – Praia de Pratigí (Ituberá – BA) The seventh edition of the festival was once again characterized by the harmony between the public and the local population. We were greatly pleased for the fact that no significant incident took place during the 9 days of the festival.

UP 7 received a record public for Brazilian standards. We met our objectives, even under tremendous pressure. Maintenance of the common areas, showers, restrooms, various sound systems, workshops and activites – everything worked until the end of the festival, despite a few rushes occasionally at the bathrooms and ticket booths. The festival was a real lesson for all working crews involved.

Universo Paralello 8 – 2007/2008 – Praia de Pratigí (Ituberá – BA) The eighth UP edition was marked by a series of innovative and successful experiences. To begin with, there were five different music stages. The Goa Stage was a thematic dancefloor and it lent itself to one of the most memorable moments of the recent history of psytrance. On its opening day, DJs went old school and showed the public Trance produced in its early stages of development. There were yet another four impeccable stages, each offering moods and atmospheres that would cater to even the most demanding listeners and dancers.

The Universo Paralello Mission is Based on the lessons we learned from all the previous editions, we could offer the public impeccable infra-structure in UP 08. Large shaded areas in all stages, highly-equipped medical unit, adequate showers and toilets, fast bar service and a diverse food court with quality products.

We must also congratulate all the party goers! With a record-breaking foreign public, the festival gives sign that it has truly become a meeting point for many different tribes of our planet. Once again, we reached the end of the festival without any significant incidents.




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