Egorythmia is Boban Lazovski, from Skopje, Macedonia, and is a new comer in the Progressive Trance equation.In 2001 he started to be a Dj and a party promoter. But like many other great artists who just discovered their creation forces, he started to get the itch, and the only way to deal with it was to start making music, so after experimenting with different projects in 2008 Egorythmia was born.

After polishing, experimenting and developing the new definition of auditory equations Egorythmia released his first EP at Iono Music in 2008 called Night Sight. His fascination with the Progressive realms was mainly due to his ability to be flexible with the method he shaped, and add components such as House and Techno to bring his emotions and feelings to the highest score possible. Since that entrance to the Progressive Trance community, and the Iono Music Family, he released several more pearls and gems at various notable labels such as Iboga, Blue Tunes, Plusquam and Echoes.

It wasn’t long until the rest of the world was hooked to the Egorythmia phenomenon, and he performed at the top events in the globe. Along the way he met other amazing artists which he collaborated with, including Ace Ventura , Zen Mechanics, Ritmo, MUTe, Time in Motion, E-Clip and Zyce. With all these inspiration getting into his creative process, Lazovski tries to take special moments from each one and soon release his debut album.

TrackList :

01. Egorythmia – Night Shift (Major7 Remix)
02. Ace Ventura – Dark Matter (Egorythmia Remix)
03. Egorythmia – Arctic Dawn
04. Egorythmia Vs. Ace Ventura – White Tunnel
05. Egorythmia – Ethernal (Pop Art Remix)
06. Egorythmia & Ritmo – Spin It
07. Egorythmia & Zen Mechanics – NN
08. Egorythmia & Zen Mechanics – Dragonfruit
09. Egorythmia & E-Clip -Highest Technology

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