MICHAEL BANEL, Founder of Iboga Records & Sofa Beats...

DJ BANEL, also writing as Behind blue eyes, is known for his many amazing progressive trance sets around the globe during the last 12 years and before that he was a well known DJ in his home country Denmark and in Sweden, playing sets since the early days of the techno/house scene in scandinavia. These days Michael Banel DJ..s an outstanding & energetic mixture of Techno, prog. house & trance.

Michael Banel / Behind Blue Eyes has played in some of the worlds biggest events, such as Boom 2006 + 2008, Voov 2005 + 2006, Roskilde 2008, Ozora 2011, Rainbow Serpent 2012, Fusion 2012, Boom 2012 and also played some big festivals and other events in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Greece, Israel, India, Dubai, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Brasil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, USA & Canada.

Banel is a creative and administrative resource, a strong representive for the Iboga label and the artists around it. As one of the founders and owners of the label, Banel has been there since the beginning, being part of compiling and releasing far more than 100 CDs and vinyls while working on the establishment of Iboga Records, as being one of the leading labels/team of artists in the world, in a broad range of progressive electronic dance and chill out music..

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