Charismatic. Intimate. Dramatic. These are just some of the words that define the man behind the decks. But in real life he's much, much more. A complex personality cut from humble cloth, even after 10 years and travelling around the world to play his trade, it's still a labour of love. "Playing my music for an audience is still such a privilege," he says.
For all who follow, his world is a wonder of progressive trance, but most of all, he has an uncanny gift to read his fans: anything they desire in sound and rhythm is fulfilled, and their longings quelled. Perhaps therein lays the key to his success.

No one imagined that what started with AC/DC records in stuffy Swiss Harley clubs would come to this. Within months of discovering clubs as a teen, he had traded his electric guitar for a synthesizer and samples, and the rest, as they say, is history.
By the late 90s- DJ Martin had already been discovered by arguably the hottest club in this corner of Europe, Zurich's Labyrinth Club. This residency guaranteed the exposure to the right names and ears, and opened the doors to clubs and festivals worldwide. He had played to audiences as large as 25,000: BOOM Festival in Portugal, Fusion and VuuV Festival in Germany, Universo Paralello in Brasil and more...

He names his most influential partner as Nicola Capobianco, aka Liquid Soul (Iboga Rec), the two forming a close friendship in 2002 with their deep synergy in musical taste and professional ambitions.
Their collaboration started with their project Earsugar (Iboga Rec), but by 2006, the pair had launched their own imprint, Mikrokosmos Recs, a platform for an eclectic array of Progressive Trance talents. Mikrokosmos Recs came as a blessing for its fans, lovers and artists alike in an increasingly bland and saturated market. Releases were based on personal taste for, in DJ Martin's words, "Good taste can do no wrong". With the same persistence as its founders, Mikrokosmos Recs became a cornerstone of the international progressive trance scene.

However, it is DJ Martin as Human Element (Mikrokosmos Recs) which best define him as a producer and a DJ; the driving, grooving progressive trance forming the heart of his distinctive sets. But between the rigours of the weekends, DJ Martin is Martin Knecht, and one will find him in his studio on the outskirts of Zurich with a view to open greens. "This is my Yin to the weekend Yang", he says quietly. "I can't live without it

TrackList :

Mix 2012-06

01 :: Mehmet Akar - im Guilty - Baroque Records
02 :: Beatamines - Diamond Girl - Microtrauma Mix - HiFi Stories
03 :: Mr. Bizz - Bamboo - Beat Therapy Records
04 :: Monaque - Resolution - Spooky Remix - Microcastle Records
05 :: Robert Babicz - Resolution - Wehbba Remix - Substract Music
06 :: Erphun feat Cari Golden - Bad Seed - 8 Sided Dice
07 :: Matador (IE) - Mambo - Minus Records
08 :: Ticon - Neferiti - Baroque Records
09 :: Raxon - Into the Summer - Cid Inc. Remix - Replug Records
10 :: Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan - Simplicity - Fiord Remix - Vapour Records
11 :: Dousk - Winchme - Nikko.Z Remix - Vapour Records
12 :: Monaque - Introspecto - Manual Music
13 :: Egostereo - Gaijin - Parquet Records
14 :: Anhken - Generic - Fiord Remix - Mesmeric Records
15 :: Jossie Telch - Borders - Eitan Reiter Remix - Undergroove Records

Mix 2012-04:

01 :: Liquid Soul & Symbolic - Different Reality
02 :: Ritmo & Zen Mechanics - Imprint
03 :: Ace Ventura & Rocky - Dr. Lupo - Symbolic remix
04 :: Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia - Dragon Fruit
05 :: Vertical Mode - Deep Vibration
06 :: Ghost Rider & Megamind - The Way Out
07 :: Zyce & Flegma - Shades of Gray
08 :: Zen Mechanics - Groflegmaund Control - Ectima remix
09 :: Sonic Species - Machina Terra - E-Clip remix
10 :: Zyce - Dreaming
11 :: Protonica - Northern Storm
12 :: Vertical Mode - Lucky Number
13 :: Egorythmia - Dusty Groove

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