Jensson was born in Berlin-Mitte. He started in 1996 his Dj-being and played from 1996 till 2002 preferably UK progressive style inspired by John Digweed and Nick Warren. Jensson developed his music over the years and was impressed by the sound of Echotek and his album “Application Rate”.

In 2003 he visited for the first time the ANTARIS OA festival and it seemed that he got infected. Jensson enthusiasm rised and from this point on Psytrance started to play a big and important role in his life and his musically development.

Jenssons sound is energetically and floating and often provided with freaky vocals. He is in music since he is a little child. Privately and in contrast to the Psyscene Dj Jensson relaxes gladly to music from U2, The Cure,Massive Attack and watching games from FC Liverpool. Jensson is a member and a good friend of the Iono-crew from the beginning and plays an advisory role and works as Mangagementassistent & for Release-Postproduction.

He got gigs in various clubs in Germany and Europe/Asia for example in KitKatClub, Distillery, Butan-Club,Fabrik,Wuk(Vienna), Glazart(Paris),LIV(Zurich),Dürlin(Budapest),Casa-Club,Pontoon-Boat(Cambodia) & Festivals like UrbanArts(Austria), Fusion,VuuV,Spiritual Healing,Waldfrieden in Germany&Shiva-Moon(Thailand)Believe Freedom(Canada).

TrackList :

Mix 2014:

01.Static Movement vs. Helber Gun - Dynamic Velocities
02.Ruback - Technoholic
03.Bouncerz - Mood Swings
04.Flegma - Human Planet
05.Sub6 - Droid Save The Queen (Zyce Remix)
06.Ritmo & Sphera - Thoughts & Ideas
07.Aho - Light Around Us
08.Ritmo vs Zen Mechanics - Imprint
09.Ticon - 1987 (Riktam & Bansi Remix)
10.Paralogue - Suck My Disk
11.Protonica - Floating Joint

Mix 2013:

01. Born Sleepy - Dictator feat. Freedom Fighters
02. Rocky & Ritmo - Children of God
03. Sunstryk - Sicilian Vendetta (Rocky Remix)
04. Gaudium - Open ur mind
05. Easy Riders & Symbolic - Flashback (Astrix Remix)
06. Funky Dragon - Jamaica
07. Side Effects & Timeless - Alien Invasion
08. Sonic Sense & Mind Spin - Cleopatra
09. Born Sleepy - Freakin Out feat. Darma
10.Symbolic vs. Vertical Mode - Back to the Source
11.Symbolic vs. Vertical Mode - Time Traveller

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