Gui Milani got the attention of the World renamed czech label Tribal Vision Records after showing his mixing abilities and the wide knowledge inside the music, specially concerning the Low BPM rhythms such as Progressive and Techno. For him, being part of its casting was like a dream that came true, because he would join the crew of big names he is fan of, such as Duca, Vibrasphere, Tegma, DJ Slater and all the rest of Tribal Vision family.

Professional DJ since 1998, he's consider a reference inside the area, inspiring DJs to have differencials in their sets, creating histories and mixing tracks with similar key notes. He always says that a DJ is not someone that simply spin music, but who knows how to arrange them between each other and make a great drive in the set.

Nowadays he's totally in contact with music all days long. Owner of a company called 4Shop Music that compiles Ambient Sound for hundreds of clients such as Stores, Restaurants, Gyms and Malls. Plus, he constantly updates his DJs Sets at Soundcloud (Gui Milani) , the legendary HYPNOTIC SESSIONS. Finally, his bigger contribution to the electronic music scene still alive when he organizes Virada Cultural São Paulo, the biggest event of Brazil counting with 4 million people over many stages (in his stage 120.000 people had the opportunity to listen the best Djs of the World playing in the streets of Sao Paulo's Downtown.).

TrackList :

Mix 2013:


Mix 2011:

01-  Elegant Universe vs. Plastic Pimps - Music (Gui Milani Elegant Intro)
02-  Beckers & Hatfield - Excuse Me (Weekend Heroes Remix)
03-  Greed - Promises (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
04-  Miki Litvak & Ido Ophir - Shnorkel (Dousk´s Exclusive Gems Remix)
05-  Elegant Universe - Superchainer (Original Mix)
06-  Hertz & Subway Baby - Rejoice (Original Mix)
07-  Greed - Rolling Hills (Shiloh Remix)
08-  Absolut & Blade - Crash (Original Mix)
09-  Greed - Sandrushka (Andre Absolut Remix)
10-  Sonic Cube - Cloud Buster (Andre Absolut Remix)
11-  Beckers - Switch (Original Mix)
12-  D-Nox & Beckers - Jet Lag Slave (Original Mix)
13-  Andre Absolut - Step Through (Original Mix)
14-  D-Nox & Beckers feat. Gabe & Marcelo V.O.R. - No Chaos, No Pain (Original Mix)
15-  Lish feat. Michelle Adamson - Concrete Jungle

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