Freedom Fighters is Shahaf Efrat (1989), Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  He is making music since 2005 and with a rapid rise to fame, performing worldwide since 2007. His music can be described as Techno oriented Progressive Psytrance mixed with everyday life experiences. Whether its a heavy underground psychedelic or a crystal clear techno oriented tune, You can be sure to recognize his unique signature sound in every record he produce. He collaborated, remixed and been remixed by leading artists such as Astrix, Skazi, Captain Hook, Union Jack, Gms, Pixel, Domestic, Liquid Soul, Sub6 and Avalon to name a few. Over the years, Shahaf made his mark with some highly acclaimed records; Among them is his anthem "Marshmallows" (with Captain Hook) who took the world by storm with over 1 million hits on Youtube. Not forgetting "Falafel" (with Skazi) who made it as a theme song in the Israeli Music Channel (24) series "Skazi TV". Signed with the heavyweight label "HOMmega", He uses all his free time between shows to work on his next releases with the final destination being his debut album

TrackList :

Mix 2014:

01.Captain Hook - Mr. Gold | Iboga Records
02.Freedom Fighters & Loud - Zapped | HOMmega Productions
03.Perfect Stranger, Captain Hook & Cirez D - No.1 Glows | Unreleased
04.Transwave - Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Remix) | Perfecto Records
05.Ace Ventura & Vertical Mode - Vertical Ace | HOMmega Productions
06.Freedom Fighters & Royal Flush - Walter White | Spin Twist Records
07.Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters - The Encounter | Iboga Records
08.Freedom Fighters & Hypogeo - Machinery (Pixel Live Mix) | HOMmega Productions
09.Vertical Mode & Symbolic - Moving Forward | Nano Records
10.Freedom Fighters & Outsiders - Dust | HOMmega Productions
11.Outsiders - Time Machine | T.I.P Records

Mix 2013:

01. Grouch - Lost In The Forest (Mr.What Remix) | Zenon
02. Freedom Fighters & Headroom - Tribalistic | HOMmega
03. Zentura - Light Mutations (Born Sleepy Remix) | Iboga
04. Sub6 - Indian Jackpot (Zen Mechanics Remix) | HOMmega
05. Vertical Mode - Push It Down (Zentura Remix) | HOMmega
06. Zen Mechanics & Symbolic - Psychological Effects | Sourcecode
07. Freedom Fighters & Hypogeo - Machinery | HOMmega
08. Vertical Mode - Virtual Object (Edit) | Yellow Sunshine Explosion
09. Freedom Fighters & Pixel - Trick n' Treat (Gms / Vertical Mode / Original Mix) | HOMmega

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