Emok is one of the founders of Iboga Records in Denmark. The label has existed since 1997 and has recently expanded with two sub labels – Prestige Music and Sofa Beats. In 2005 Iboga Records also launched a big online store for CDs and digital downloads on the net called ProgressiveTunes.com as well a magazine in 2006 called ProgresiveTunes as well. During the time with the label Emok has been part of organizing various events and festivals in Denmark such as Camp Electric back in 2001. Besides the work on the labels Emok have been producing music in the Iboga studio in Copenhagen under various names. He has released two albums under the name Phony Orphants as well a bunch of tunes under the name Emok. Recently Emok has started to produce his first solo album which is due to release in October 2007, the style is prgressive house progressve electro with a nice punch of energy. Besides that Emok has been writing tunes with various producers like Ian Ion, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura and Hydrophonic. Just shortly after launching Iboga Records back in 97, Emok started touring the world DJing and is today one of the most acknowledge DJs in the scene today. Emok have recently started to perform his own live set which he has putted a lot of effort into. The live set runs from the computer in 8 different channels and is accomplished with various sounds from keyboards and samplers, and is never played the same way twice

TrackList :

Mix 2013: Tribute Transahara Festival

1. Atmos - Only 4 Us (Phaxe Remix)
2. Yotopia - Boundless
3. Phony Orphants - Sunset
4. Captain Hook - Human Design (Major7 Remix)
5. Symbolic - Crystal Clear
6. Lish - One Of Those Days
7. Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics - Mind=God
8. Flowjob - We Dont Wanna Scare Your Children
9. Perfect Stranger & LOUD - ...... Already Happened

Mix 2012 : End of the world

01. Perfect Stranger - That's What Is Callin' Me
02. Cyrus & Hoffman - Homework
03. Perfect Stranger & Yotopia - Twist In Hell
04. Atmos - Transport To Another (Yotopia Remix)
05. Yotopia - Boundless
06. Symbilic - Crystal Clear (Rocky Remix) & Vibrasphere - Capsize (Sphere Remix) - Mashup
07. Atmos - South Will Rise (Phony Orphants Remix)
08. Ace Ventura & Timelock - Inside Us

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