After a while pursuing their solo careers, the two israeli trance-maestros Yoni Oshrat (also known as Ace Ventura) and Roy Tilbor (also known as Rocky) have joined together to form the new project Easy Riders.

Yoni was earlier a part of the successful projects Children Of The Doc and PsySex, releasing no less than 3 critically acclaimed psychedelic trance albums on HOMmega Productions. With the launch of his progressive solo project Ace Ventura, his career took a dramatic turn though, resulting in bookings weekly at the biggest parties and festivals around the world, as well as appearing on labels like Iboga Records, HOMmega, Flow, Iono , Echoes & Blue Tunes - all crowned with his now classic debut solo-album “Rebirth”, released on Iboga Records in 2007 – which later was followed by the well received remix album "Re:boot". These days he is working on his second artist album, "Paradise engineering".
Roy has been a part of the global electronic scene for the better part of 15 years, and as a label-DJ for Chemical Crew he was touring the world, rocking crowds with intense, full on trance music. Like Yoni, Roy also got caught up with the slower, groovier progressive music though, and in 2007 he released his debut album “A Thread Of Light”. Overnight this release, followed by appearances on labels like Iboga Records, Blue Tunes, Plusquam and Phonokol, made him one of the most sought-after DJ and liveacts on the progressive scene, and his second album ("Keyboard wipeout" on Echoes records) cemented his name as a master of phat grooves and atmosphere.

Together, Yoni and Rocky are Easy Riders – combining over 30 years of experience in the global electronic scene; from the new, psychedelic high of the 90’s, to the full on party music after the millennium, to the progressive and techy rhythms of later years; Easy Riders is here to fuse it all into a powerful, delightful mix of great party-music.
Their first release was the track 'Test Drive', which was released on a compilation on Iboga Records, compiled by one of the world’s top DJ’s, John ‘00’ Fleming.
Follwing Test drive was the EP on Plastik park - titled 'Midnight breakfast' (including Lish & Spartaque remixes), and the track 'High spirits' on Hadra records.
Summer 2010 saw the release of the first compilation by Easy Riders, titled 'Digital beings', and then came their landmark release; mixing dubstep and progressive trance for the first time in the psytrance scene - 'Easy dubsteps ep' became their most successful release, and featured the Captain Hook remix, which became a huge party hit.

After signing in HOMmega records in late 2011, they released the successful 'Flashback' ep. Next came the latest chapter in the now famed compilation series on HOMmega – 'NEW ORDER 3' featured tracks from Astrix, Zentura, Symbolic, Rocky and the riders themselves.

TrackList :

Mix 2014: Joyride

01.Ace Ventura & Rocky - Serotonin overdose (Gaudium remix)
02.Lifeforms - This way up
03.Symbolic - Insidious
04.Easy riders - Babylon rising (Animato feat. Laroz remix)
05.Gaudium - Anyone out there
06.Ritree - What comes next
07.Liquid soul & DJ Dream - Liquid dream
08.Timelock & Side effects - Nightwind
09.Royal flush & Freedom fighters - Walter white
10.Vertical mode - Bad luck buffet
11.Captain Hook - The power of now
12.Yotopia - Misperception

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