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Being born in Siberia in 1989 and having moved to Greece in the beginning of the 1990s the raw euphoric power of nature is ever present in Vladislav Koumpatidis’ aka Aquafeel’s music.

Aquafeel, who first started to experiment with psychedelic trance and the possibilities of various sequencers in 2006, and had his first release,Trust EP, on Spintwist Records no less than two years later, can be described as a natural musical genius.

His first live set at legendary Indian Spirit Festival in 2008 opened the way for his musical career, and today Aquafeel is a frequent favorite at various European psy trance festivals and parties.

Aquafeel personifies the hallmark of bittersweet melodies in perfect resonance with deep suggestive baselines. This, along with his touch and feel for tricky details and interesting grooves, takes the listener on a journey into deep melodic progressive trance.

Further, together with Normalize, Aquafeel is one of the masterminds behind Aqualize. Their first release, Land of 2 Suns has become one of the most played tracks on the progressive dance floors and have by some been called a true trance hymn.

Aquafeel’s first full-length album will be released later this year on Spintwist Records.

TrackList :

Mix 2014: Rising Lotus Vol4

01. Symbolic - Insidious (Nano Records)
02. Tristan & Magic & Outsiders - Into the Light (Sourcecode Transmissions)
03. Redrosid - Med pack (Iono Music)
04. Eclip - Salvia Divinorum (Waio 30x Remix) (Iono Music)
05. Sonic Sense - Come Down To Earth (Iono Music)
06. Koi Boi - Survive (All Records)
07. ILai - 3D Mode (Iono Music)
08. Static Movement VS Helber Gun - Mars (Iono Music)
09. Timelock & Side Effects - M-Brain (Spin Twist Records)
10. Sub6 - Droid Save The Queen (Zyce Remix)(TesseracTstudio)

Mix 2013: Rising Lotus Vol2

01. Ace Ventura & Captain Hook - Jolly Roger (NOK Remix).
02. Egorythmia - Night Shift (Major 7 Remix).
03. Invisible Reality & Vice - Nightrunner (Part_2).
04. David Bypass - Clean Cut.
05. Roger Rabbit - Bed Politics.
06. Lish - One Of Those Days.
07. Kromagon - Zone Of Alienation.
08. Gaudium - Open Your Mind.
09. Symbolic & Vertical Mode - Time Traveler.
10. Born Sleepy - Freaking Out.
11. Ghost Rider - One Gun.
12. Ritmo - Follow Me.

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