Based inside the San Francisco, California underground chill environment, redefining and exploring . Starting in 1998 with exploration of IDM, Goa, and Psy Trance. Using my love for the obscure and interest in electronic development within the music and visual art realms, I started highlighting my time with sharpening my skills and abilities as a DJ, promoter, and deco artist in and throughout the Texas / Seattle trance and burner communities with such collectives as Texaliens, Shiva Shakti, UMP, Mistical Productions, Atrium Obscurum, Last Laugh, Molecular, & Chillography. Currently a west coast DJ rep for Ultimae Records.

TrackList :

Mix 2012-12:


Mix 2012-01:

01. Ishq - Sol
02. Tim Hecker - ghosts in silver
03. Aes Dana - Principles of Gravity
04. Oid - Chrysanthemum
05. Project E.L.F. - Insectasoid
06. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Somewhere in Russia
07. Port Royal - Balding Generation
08. Krister Linder - Shrine of Time (Solar Fields Remix)
09. Solar Fields Night Traffic City
10. Kaminanda - Grounding Sequence

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